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taylorswift's headlining tours.

Sep 19 at 10:35PM
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Taylor in ‘20 women changing the world’ Marie Claire, September 2014 (credit)

Sep 19 at 10:33PM
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"Country music will always be your home and we love you." - Jason Aldean 

Sep 19 at 10:32PM
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taylorswift you should hear Mehan Trainor’s cover of your song!

Hey, to Taylor, shake ‘em off.

Don’t let ‘em get to ya, go ahead and dance like there ain’t nobody watchin’ ya.

Shake, like your polaroid picture.

You got the fans like “we wanna dance with ya”.

Sep 19 at 10:29PM
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can’t stop won’t stop moving.

Sep 18 at 03:00AM
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i am so so so fucked up.

Sep 18 at 02:59AM
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New merch in the Taylor store - featuring shoe model Olivia!

Sep 18 at 02:57AM
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Rolling stone sees pass the bullshit